Priyanka Wali

Dr. Priyanka Wali

Medical Doctor

Priyanka is a medical doctor as well as a stand-up comedian. She truly believes laughter is the best medicine, and it shows, as she’s been featured on many online media sites and performed across the U.S. Incredibly knowledgable about anatomy and how our bodies work, Priyanka loves to talk about sex, pleasure, and all bodies. She brings an amazing presence to her workshops, both in person and online, and has delivered talks and comedy shows to college students for Always aiming to make her work approachable, Priyanka helps bust myths people hold about sex and anatomy, troubleshoot difficulties, navigate safer sex, and understand their bodies further.

On, Priyanka streams on these subjects and much more. Streams she’s run in the past include: Erectile Dysfunction 101, Premature Ejaculation, Safe Sex 101, A Guide to STDs, Menstruation: What is happening to my body?, and Consent in the Exam Room.



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