What is Lube?

Lube, or personal lubricant, is used to make sex more pleasurable. We break down the types of lubes and tell you about our favorites.

What is Lube?

What is Lube?

What is Lube?

July 10, 2020
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Lube. We love it. You might not know it, but you need it. Lube is for everyone.

What is lube?

Lube is short for lubricant. During sexual penetration and masturbation, these body-safe liquids and gels can increase sexual pleasure by reducing friction and irritation. 

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To help you find the best lube for you, we created the Lube Discovery Kit - top-rated sexual lubricants.

What are the types of lubes

  • Water-based lube is great for penetration and/or masturbation. It works with condoms and sex toys. It is absorbed quickly so you may need a lot of it.
  • Silicone-based lube is long-lasting and great for water play, but it shouldn’t be used with silicone-based sex toys.
  • Oil-based lube is great for masturbation and water-play and sensual massage but should not be used with latex condoms or latex sex toys.
  • Hybrid lube combines the best features of the lubes above.

Different types of lubes serve different purposes, different people have different preferences, and there are different ways to use lube. That’s why it can be helpful to try out a few, and to keep various options on hand to use depending on your or your partner(s)’ mood. 

What's in the Lube Discovery Kit?

We worked with product experts and sex educators to curate six lubricants in one kit delivered to your door.  Test out the different types to discover your favorite “go-to” lube (or lubes). Everyone needs more lube in their life, but if six lubes are too many for you, give a lube to a friend! 

  • Water based lubes: Sliquid and Slippery Stuff are great water-based lubes to start with. These lubes are compatible with condoms and silicone toys. The difference to feel for is the thickness -- Sliquid will be lighter while Slippery Stuff has a heavier feel. It’s up to you to find which one you prefer!
  • Organic and specialty lubes: The Good Clean Love Almost Naked lube is a great introductory organic and aloe-based lube if you prefer to use organic products in and on your body. Sutil Rich has hyaluronic acid, the same stuff you can find in face serums to help create deep moisture, and though it’s a small sample, it packs a really luxurious touch that we wanted you to try. 
  • Silicone and hybrid lubes: Uberlube is a loved, popular silicone lube, which is hypoallergenic and longer lasting with moisturizing Vitamin E. The Please Cream is a hybrid lube, meaning it’s a water-based lube with a touch of silicone so you have the best of both worlds. Remember: silicone lubes are NOT to be used with silicone sex toys.

No matter which lube you love the most, you’ll be glad that you tried them all. There’s no wrong way to lube.

Oil-based Lubes

Oil-based lubes can increase the chances of condom breakage and should not be used with a latex condom. Oil-based lubes can increase the risk of bacterial infection. undefined

Can you use coconut oil as lube?

Yes, but first test a little bit on some sensitive skin, you may be allergic. Keep it contamination-free by using a clean utensil to remove it from the jar into a single-use bowl. No finger-dipping and scooping. Use towels to protect your sheets.

Can you use vaseline as lube?

Nah, it’s not the best thing, it's petroleum-based and should be avoided as a personal lubricant.

Can you use olive oil as lube?

Yes, olive oil is safe to use when latex condoms aren’t involved.

Can you use baby oil as lube?

Nope, like vaseline, it’s petroleum-based mineral oil and should be avoided as a personal lubricant.


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