Over the past year, visited colleges and universities across the country to talk about the state of sex education today and what pleasure-based sex education looks like.

We organized talks and workshops with campus student groups and student centers from New York University to the University of Southern California. While each event was unique, one thing that all schools had in common was the need for unlearning the shame-based messages students had received around sexuality and their bodies. We gave every audience exclusive access to be some of the first to experience O.schoolโ€™s platform.

“Instead of focusing solely on traditional consent and sex education, Andrea and Kristina honed in on empowered pleasure, a subject that has been sorely overlooked on college campuses. Students were enthusiastic about discussing their agency in sexual encounters in a non-judgmental, welcoming environment.”

“Having O. School visit CMC was such a privilege and an amazing opportunity for us! Their mission is so unique, yet so important in our society today. I never knew that sex education could exist in the way that O. School presents it.”

“Princeton Students for Gender Equality (PSGE) was so excited to host Andrea and Kristina from! Our workshop with them fostered fantastic conversations about sex, pleasure, and feminism, and all of us are excited to be part of the platform. Kristina and Andrea were incredible role models of how to talk about pleasure confidently, unapologetically, and passionately.”

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We do workshops and speaking events on topics from pleasure to consent.

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