Kate Kenfield

Kate Kenfield

Founder, Tea & Empathy

Kate Kenfield has traveled the world teaching sex and relationship education as well as empathic communication skills. Now based in Australia, she uses O.school to reach her international following and spread her techniques. Kate cares about making families, groups of friends, and workplaces supportive, empathetic areas. She streams on a wide variety of subjects, including how to make safer sex sexier, how to keep a long-distance relationship hot, practicing enthusiastic consent, and how to improve your communication and empathy skills in all relationships.

Kate is known for her Tea & Empathy workshops, which help people to practice radical empathy with loved ones and friends in their everyday lives. She started as a sex educator by teaching in UC Berkeley’s sexual health peer education program. Her background includes getting a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Melbourne and starting Sex Geekdom, an online global community for folks to have geeky conversations about sex. Now, she runs workshops and talks about empathy, communication, and healthy sexual and romantic relationships.


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