Roan Coughtry

Masters of Social Work

Roan Coughtry is a healer, educator, and writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. They teach intersectional sex education and anti-oppression, in addition to coaching folks who are transitioning or questioning their genders. Since 2011, they’ve worked as a community organizer, sex educator, and personal coach, focusing on personal, relational and collective transformation and healing. They’re a regular consultant for the United Nations, where they provide expertise on issues faced by LGBTQ populations. In 2013, Roan co-founded the Sexual Liberation Collection, a group of sex educators, sex workers, and sexual healers committed to providing education to communities and bringing conversations about sexual liberation into broader social justice movements. Additionally, they are a lead organizer of Sex Down South, a sexuality conference in Atlanta, and serve on the advisory board of Project AFFIRM, an organization researching transgender resilience.

With a background in psychology, creative arts, social justice organizing, alternative healing, and radical sex positivity, Roan advocates for gender, racial, sexual and economic justice in all of their work. They facilitate trainings and workshops around the country on gender, sexuality, race, disability, mental health, spirituality, and violence prevention, raising awareness around issues of privilege and oppression. Roan is passionate about kindling the connection between creativity, spirituality, embodied practice and liberation, and they’re most inspired when they’re out in the community building bridges and facilitating conversations.

Roan offers these skillsets and more to students, as they advocate for healing on an individual and societal level. They stream on liberation, healing, LGBTQ issues, and unlearning shame.



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